S.A. Sanctuary

S.A. Sanctuary, (in its last known form), started by opening for Watchtower, at their San Antonio Texas reunion show during June of 2000 at Medieval Knights. S.A. Sanctuary opened for British Metal  legends, Judas Priest during summer 2002 at Sunken Garden Theater. Over the years, S.A. Sanctuary would open for several big name bands, tour, and perform at major metal festivals.

S.A. Sanctuary Abandon in Place

Abandon in Place


  1.  Culture of Death
  2.  The Assessment
  3.  Bleed
  4.  A Race in Extinction
  5.  Arise
  6.  Buried Deep
  7.  Trapped
  8. Abandon in Place

(Cover skull art licensed from and created by:

Michell Möhring)


Currently, there are no events are planned.


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